I am currently a Wu Tsai interdisciplinary postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University, working between the Poldrack and Linderman labs.

As a psychologist and computational neuroscientist, my work focuses on developing methods to characterize complex, naturalistic cognition in health and disease. Specifically, my current projects aim to model individual brain activity across a range of cognitive states—and to assess the generalizability of these individualized models—by extending statistical methods for human neuroimaging data analysis.

My background is in cognitive neuroscience, with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from McGill University and Bachelors and Masters degrees in developmental psychology from Cornell University. My dissertation focused on benchmarking emerging methods to compare functional activations during complex cognitive tasks.

As part of my research, I help to develop several tools used across the open Python ecosystem such as Nilearn. I'm also actively involved in community initiatives to promote open, interdisciplinary science. I currently serve as chair of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Communications Committee and as a handling editor at the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS).